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Private Treaty
Under Private Treaty, SAMIL conducts negotiated deals. As a mediator, the company bridges the gap between people who wish to acquire or dispose pre-owned vehicles and equipment. High level of transparency is maintained at every step of these deals through an online record of quotes. In the presence of various players facilitating such kind of services, SAMIL earns an edge for earning the trust of thousands of people around the country. Here’s how a negotiated deal is conducted at SAMIL.
  • Once a customer approaches SAMIL for the disposal of his pre-owned vehicles or equipment, the same asset is uploaded on the company’s website which observes a great number of visits every day.
  • Based on the pre-owned vehicle and equipment uploaded on the website, a bidder can show interest by using process and registration form.
  • The prospective bidders need not to get any registration done. They only have to submit RSD amount of Rs. 19,999 or 10% of the vehicle cost, whichever is higher.
  • Once a quote is approved, the bidder is supposed to fill a Proxy Bid Form.